this blog is different

The blog here at Angel Sullivan Websites isn’t necessarily going to be the type you’d expect from a website design business.

In fact, it might be anything but.

What the blog is actually going to be about is my why. (Please tell me you’ve seen Simon Sinek’s TED Talk?) And before you ask… I’ll tell you why this is important to me ;-)


There are a lot (I mean, A LOT) of webby type people out there these days… maybe you’ve noticed? In fact, if I were a betting person, I’d bet you know someone who designs or develops websites… Right? Yep, I thought so.

But how many of those folks actually talk about why they do what they do (beyond the desire / need to have the income stream I mean)? Do you know any of those? Even if you do, I’m betting the pool of total people just got a ton smaller.

My intention is to repeatedly show you, through what I write and share here, why I’m doing what I’m doing.


If you’ve been following me on social media, you likely already know how I feel about the way our society is set up. You probably already know, for example, that I 100% believe that we are not meant to live as we do right now (most of us, at least).

More specifically…. we are absolutely not meant to be treated, and act as if, we are machines. Machines are made, and meant, to keep going… on and on and on… with little to no real rest. We are not machines, and we are NOT meant to live this way… and yet, so many of us do. How many of us spend the days of our weeks following this - or similar - schedule:

1) Wake up to an obnoxious alarm clock, hustle to get ready, and then hop in the car only to sit in traffic for an hour, to go to an office we dislike, to work with people we don’t love, doing work that drains whatever life is left in us

2) Watch the clock as it counts down the time we’re metaphorically chained to our desks, and bolt at the very earliest opportunity (hoping we don’t look like the slacker that doesn’t care - even though we really don’t if we’re honest)

3) Fight traffic, again, to race home… hoping to get to the kids on time & before their after-school care / daycare closes. Finally get home only to run around trying to figure out what to feed everyone that night… then get it all cleaned up and settled for the evening.

4) Help the kid(s) with homework, going through school papers (which inevitably become small fires in their own right because we don’t hear about the class trip that requires a notary until the day before it’s due)

5) Finally crash in front of the tv (even though we’d promised ourselves that we’d start taking a nice walk outside in the evenings… ugh… just. too. tired.) before getting a quick shower and passing out for the night.

(Rinse and repeat)


I mean, seriously… there’s got to be more than this… Right? (right?!)

Obviously, I believe with all my heart that there is.

I also believe that it’s gonna take some effort on your part to get there. This society as it’s currently set up… well, it’s got some energy behind it already… Know what I mean? Things have been going like this for long enough that there’s some momentum to it, and so… just as it takes a minute to change a habit within our own lives (neural plasticity for the win!), it can take a minute to change societal expectations and ways of being.

Regardless - you get to choose, right now (and now and now), for your own life.

You get to decide how you live.

Whether you carry on with the current trajectory, or change it.

And yes, obviously, there are conversations to be had here around privilege, etc… But my assumption, if you’re reading this, is that you’re in a place of being able to make some decisions to start altering your life more to your own liking… To start calling forth the light that is already within you.

The question then becomes… will you?