hey you - here’s what you’re likely most curious about..


+ How long is this gonna take?

That depends (your favorite reply, right??). It depends on what all is included in your site, how quickly we're able to communicate back & forth, and how clear you are wtih everything (your why, copy, images, branding, etc..). My aim is about a week with the Starter Site, and up to a month with other modules added on.

+ How much is this gonna cost?

That also depends (you're really loving me now, aren't you?). The starter site is $777 at the moment, but going up (very) soon. Each additional module / add-on has its own associated cost... so it really just depends on what you need.

+ What if I'm not familiar with Squarespace?

I get it! I came from WordPress and was terrified of Squarespace. Once I dug in, and within just the first 10 minutes, I was hooked. It's super intuitive, and not only that... my packages include a training at the end! You will love it. Honest.

+ How much time do I need to commit to the process?

As much as it takes :-) I will need for you to be able to be present and responive... 23-hours per day (allowing for one hour of sleep per day during the process of course)? Ermm... not so much, no.

But available. For example, I'd need to have responses from you, and approvals on things like design, layouts, etc... within about a 24-hour period each time I need them. You will need to be able to commit some time and energy to this process.

+ What happens when we're done?

I stand at the corner of the road and wave goodbye with a tiny tear in the corner of my eye. (Kidding. Mostly.) Well, this one depends too... If you'd like me to hang around afterward & be available to help you make changes, add blog posts or pages, etc... we can talk about a monthly retainer. If you just have a small one-off project, I also have an hourly fee. Let's just talk and see what works!

+ I don't know what to ask, I'm just nervous..

Listen. I get it. Honest. Bringing a new website into the world is a big committment. Almost like having a puppy (actually, not at all like having a puppy, no). Maybe more like having a plant. It takes some time and energy to get it going, right? But then once it's taken root, it just needs the basics from you to stay healthy. Your Squarespace website is similar. You don't have to worry about backups, or updates, or malware, etc... You've got someone else (Squarespace - yay!) to handle all of that for you. You get to kick back with the glass of sangria and breathe in the fresh air your new plant - er... website - is creating for you. Sound good?


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