Hey you - I am over the moon thrilled that you’ve decided to show up here and share (some of) your story. HUGE yay and lots of gratitude for that!


So… let’s be on the same page, yeah? Here’s what I’m looking for… I’d love to hear your story about how you’re doing your life differently. That could be in big ways, small ways, in your (micro, or larger) business, in your relationships, with your home, in your spare time, etc…

Literally this could be anything. It isn’t only for those with businesses, or those with children, or those who are partnered. It isn’t only for white, middle-class, cis-gendered humans either. If you’re a human bean, and you’re living your life outside of the societal norms, this is for you. (Psst - if you’re not a human bean, I kinda wanna talk directly! #obsessedwithancientaliens :-) )

Some notes:

*I will edit for language. I don’t mind a few words sprinkled here & there, but generally speaking this site stays on the ‘clean’ side in the language department

*This isn’t for sexually explicit escapades. While I’m sure there are plenty of very interesting stories of those living outside of societal norms in this area, this isn’t the site for sharing that :-)

*Anything that’s disrespectful to other human beans won’t be shared. Period. We can all be grown ups, and treat others like the decent people we expect them to behave as.

*I reserve the right to share or not share, based on whether the above criteria are met, and whether the story suits what I am trying to do here, which - to be clear - is to let others who may be feeling lost or alone know that they - in fact - are not. That there are lots of us who don’t feel we fit in with what society expects, and that that is 100% ok. None of us is alone, though we may often feel we are. Cool? Hit me up with any questions or concerns, before sharing, if that would feel better for you… (Pssst.. for further clarity - I’ll be sharing these stories on my blog!)


ok then, i think we’re ready to rock

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pssst - know you want to share, but you’re having a hard time getting going? here are some questions i’d ask you if we were sitting together right now..

  • In what area, or areas of your life have you felt most alone… most like you do not fit in with your family, friends, society, the world?

  • What have you done about feeling that way? Is there anything in particular that you’ve found really helpful? Do you have any rituals or habits that support living life your own way?

  • Have you come up against pushback from those who don’t understand why you “insist on being different / difficult” or something similar? How did it feel to get that pushback, and how did you handle it?

  • If you’re living differently in more than one area of your life, are there other areas of your life that still need a shift? If so, what are they? Do you have a plan in place for shifting those areas as well?

  • How do you feel about yourself and your life now that you’re living more true to your own Self? How do you feel about the rest of society and the world?

  • What would you say to someone who is feeling like they need to change, but maybe they’re just super stuck and don’t know where to even start?


feel free to use any, none, or all of the above… and most importantly thank you so much for sharing you. i appreciate you!