You Are Ready! You’re ready and it’s time to dive into creating that website to showcase the goodness you need to share.

If you’re brand new to the whole website thing, and don’t have a domain or hosting, etc… Congrats! You’re in the right place, and this package may be for you! Here’s what’s included:

  • I will upload and format up to 5 pages of copy that you’ve provided. (This almost always includes Home, About, Blog, Contact, Shop… but we can talk about your particular needs.)

  • Your MailChimp account connected to your site, with MailChimp configured to coordinate so that your branding carries over

  • Up to 5 blog posts (which you’ll provide) uploaded, formatted, and ready to go

  • Any images and / or video that you provide, I will upload & format for the site

  • You’ll provide a logo that I can use on the site, for sharing across social media, and for MailChimp (don’t have one? No worries - it’s not necessary)

  • Up to 4 social media accounts connected to the new site

  • Up to 2 offers (services or products) on your shop / services page ready to start bringing in some cash immediately

  • We will communicate mostly via email, though there may be a call in there during the process, if and as needed

  • Documentation showing you how to do all of the basics (creating pages, creating blog posts, uploading images, etc..)

  • This offer includes the use of the Squarespace template Bedford, which is a beautiful + user-friendly template. High impact + low hassle for you (this site is an example!)


This offer is for you if…

  • You do not already have a domain or hosting, we will do both, together, through Squarespace. So simple! (If you do have a domain or hosting already in place, we can still make this work! There will just be an additional cost of $150 for the transfer over from your current hosting to Squarespace)

  • You’ve got, or will have, your own copy (text), images, logo, videos (if you’ll use video), etc… ready for me to work my magick and integrate into the design we create together

  • You’re raring to go - the 50% up front deposit is non-refundable so if you’re not sure you’re ready to get in there and go, might be best to check out the helpful info I share over on the blog for now (psst - there are micro courses coming soon to help get to the ‘ready!’ point)


this offer is not for you if…

  • If this seems a bit light for your needs. For example, if you already know you’ve got more offers available, you’ll need more pages (sales pages broken out, etc..), you’ll need help with finding the right images, etc… you may want to look at the advanced site offer instead

  • You’re using a different newsletter provider. I’m cool working with several other providers, but this offer only includes connecting MailChimp. You’re entirely welcome to connect another provider yourself, and I can provide some instructions to help you do that in lieu of connecting up MailChimp for you if you prefer

  • You’re feeling kind of cloudy on what you’re after here. It’s great if you’re open-minded about the design.. but trust me when I say that it’s vital for you to be pretty solid in what you’re up to before starting on this process. Need help with that? I’ve got something just for you - Claim Your Light - coming soon!


so what’s next…?

This offer is wait-listed for now, friend, but I have some cool things coming that are more turn-key, and super fun for you to choose from and play with. Sound good? Sign up, below, and be among the first to hear as each is released! Thanks for checking things out!