Around here, we talk about more than websites… because the website is just one outer manifestation of the light you’ve got to share with the world.


And while a magnetic website that really speaks to who you are and what you have to offer is one of my primary goals here, it’s not the only one. My real, and semi secret goal (shhhh!), is to help you get to the place of touching your internal light. Of tasting it and feeling it and knowing it, such that you can’t NOT share it.

Because listen… I think we can all agree that things are a feeling a bit out of control right now, yeah? And out-of-control isn’t always a bad thing, per se… but this right now doesn’t feel great. I believe that if you have that certain something that is calling you, whispering to you, pulling you forward… then it’s your responsibility to listen, and act. Can you imagine what could become of things if more of us stepped forward and did that? Real change could happen in a moment. Truly.

So. That said, take a peek at the ways we can work together, below, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you may have. No pressure, no pushy sales tactics. Just two human beans working out what is best for both.


Starter Site

If you’re just starting out (no website, no domain), this is most likely the option for you. Click click to learn more!


advanced site

If you’ve already got a site, or domain, or just know that you need something a bit more, this will be for you!


claim your light

When you know there’s something you’re meant to be doing to get your light into the world, but it’s not super clear yet.

Coming Soon


Chart your course

When you know you’ve got a website on the way, but you don’t quite have all the details nailed down, and need a hand.

Coming Soon